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Well Street


Mixed use development of a vacant site within Coventry city centre to provide ground floor flexible commercial accommodation and 40 one- and two-bedroom apartments above in 5-storey development.

The site has an unusual context being located on the boundary of a conservation area and opposite a Grade 1 Listed ‘Old Grammar School’, whilst backing on to high rise existing and proposed office and student residential developments. The sites redevelopment will mend the urban grain of the site which has remained a gap in the urban landscape for a number of years. Forms and materials are proposed in response to the historic context, with scale mediating between the low-rise conservation area buildings and high-rise student residential developments behind.


The building mass is subdivided by subtle alternating brick and stone colouring with differing window arrangements within each section and pitched roofs over to create the sense of a collection of the buildings, rather than a single mass of a building. This subdivision is further enhanced by breaks in the elevations formed by recessed balconies and access points for the residential apartments above, with different colour glazed brick used for each entrance to give each one its own character.


The mixed-use development will bring activity to the street facing elevations with ground floor commercial floor space within a stone clad plinth to the building. Stonework to the plinth has been chosen due to its traditional use in Coventry including the Old Grammar School opposite. The form represents traditional shop fronts with entrance way ‘store risers’ featuring glazed bricks as per many historic store fronts elsewhere in Coventry including along The Burges opposite the site.


STATUS: Full Planning Permission Approved. Awaiting instruction to commence Technical Design for construction.

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Lead Designer, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1>6 (inc Novation to PC)

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