Moulton School & Science College

Moulton, Northampton

D5 developed the initial client brief for two buildings to accommodate English & Drama Departments into on building offering providing a more economic design with greater critical mass and improved interaction between departments.

The design aims to express separate functions within the building form and to place greater emphasis on the circulation and incidental spaces. Teaching spaces are arranged along a tapering, naturally lit central corridor. Seating bays are incorporated along its length to encourage social interaction.

Northamptonshire County Council

£1.3m (2000)

Gross Area

Building Contract
JCT Intermediate Building Contract

Lead Consultant, Contract Administrator, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1 > 6

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The teaching rooms are constructed with a concrete roof deck to provide a high thermal mass keeping them cool during the summer months without the need for mechanical cooling. The building also maximizes the use of natural daylight even on south facing elevations by using deep overhangs and louvers to prevent glare and summer heat gains.