Monyhull Church Annexe

Kings Norton, Birmingham

Monyhull Church occupies one of a few remaining buildings on the site of a former Psychiatric Hospital. The master plan to redevelop the site for housing identified the former Hospital chapel as a centre piece to the new community.

Since moving into the old chapel the Monyhull Church membership has grown significantly leading to D5’s commission for the addition of an annexe to the Victorian chapel.

Great care has been taken to design a contextually responsive and contemporary building. High thermal mass construction has been designed to naturally modulate heat gains without the need for mechanical cooling. Window areas have been maximised to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting. The annexe has been designed to be compact, simple in plan and flexible in use and life.

Monyhull Church

£1.1m (2014)

Gross Area

Building Contract
JCT Standard Form

Lead Consultant (Project Manager), Contract Administrator, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1 > 6

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“It is no over exaggeration to say that the decision to appoint D5 was the single biggest and best decision we made in the project. The church is absolutely delighted with the completed building.”

Gareth Iley, Trustee, Monyhull Church