Domestic, Residential

Lynn Lane House

Shenstone, Staffordshire

An unusual conversion of a water treatment works into a family home. The water treatment works have been decommissioned and disused for a number of decades with only the outer walls of two circular tanks and a small staff block remaining.

Located within Green Belt, D5 have ingeniously designed a conversion of the tanks into a four bedroom house with living areas, study and garaging for two cars. The remaining staff block will be converted to a self-contained guesthouse.


Gross Area

Building Contract
Clinet Managed

Lead Consultant, Contract Administrator, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1 > 6

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The main 250m2 house will be formed by externally insulating and rendering the remaining concrete walls of the treatment tanks. Circular ‘green roofs’ will hover over the walls divided by clerestory glazing. Full height sections of the existing circular walls will be removed to form windows to the accommodation within. A new glazed structure will link the two former tanks and form a main entrance to the house.