Community, Sport + Leisure

Emerson Valley Sports Pavilion

Milton Keynes

The project was initiated by Milton Keynes Council and forms a major part of their overarching leisure strategy, with community involvement becoming an inherent part of future planning policy and the project was undertaken to support this philosophy. The proposed development consists of three rugby pitches, a training area and clubhouse, with the pitches being retained as open public access.

The building operates on two floors, with the second seemingly suspended above the other, and presents itself as a simple crisp rectilinear box. The form is kept deliberately as simple as possible to reinforce the buildings clarity and efficient planning. The intent is to present a clear, minimal portrayal of the pavilion typology making it unique from other buildings in the immediate area. The palate of materials used are minimal, extending predominately to render, with brickwork, glass and sections of timber.


Published: The Architects Journal 21 September, 2011

Milton Keynes Council

£2.4m (2011)

Gross Area

Building Contract
NEC Type 3

Contract Administrator, Lead Designer, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1 > 6

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