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Barristers Chambers Lounge

Birmingham City Centre

Following the successful development of offices for St Philips Chamber in a previous project, D5 were invited to convert an open plan area of clerks accommodation into a sociable lounge space for all staff to use on breaks, at lunch, informal meetings and social evenings. The space had to have multi-functional capabilities with mood setting appropriate to a daytime café or evening bar.

The space for St Philips Chambers was designed to be both warm and intimate, whilst being also clean and contemporary. The resulting design incorporates a variety of seating types for different size groups of people including sofa’s, café tables and chairs and one-to-one bespoke stool and tables forming a floor, wall and ceiling feature with integrated lighting. The harsh urban aspect through the windows was softened by timber screens, which were fret cut with a figure ground of Birmingham city centre. Similar panels were used as ‘canopies’ over the sofa’s to reduce the ceiling height and create a little intimacy.

St Philips Chambers

£50k (2003)

Gross Area

Building Contract
JCT Minor Works Contract

Lead Designer, Architect RIBA Work Stage 1 > 6

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