Boeing Sheffield

Sheffield, UK

Boeing Sheffield is the result of Boeing’s long term presence in Sheffield as a founding partner of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. The £40m factory is the company’s first manufacturing site in Europe, and makes actuation system components for the 737 and 767 aircraft from raw materials sourced in the UK.  At full capacity, Boeing Sheffield will produce thousands of parts each month, shipped for assembly in Boeing’s Portland plant in Oregon, USA.

The building is a response to a brief led by functional adaptability, employee wellbeing and sustainability.  The building comprises shipping and receiving facilities, production hall and office and meeting facilities. In all locations provision of daylight was a key factor to create spaces that provided a healthy working environment.  The building is designed to meet BREEAM excellent standards.

The building is located on the site in best response to the urban setting and to a wider masterplan for the AMRC site. This creates a strong presence for the building both on the skyline between Rotherham and Sheffield and when moving through the AMRC site. The unique profile of the building is created by a series of north lights set on a true north orientation. This reinterpretation of the traditional sawtooth roof provides both an even distribution of daylight internally and south facing sloping roofs to support Photo Voltaic Cells.

The building is designed to be adaptable to meet the needs of Boeing’s advanced manufacturing requirements and is the model for i4.0 in the Boeing company.

Boeing (Mott MacDonald)

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Lead Designer, Architect, CDM-Principal Designer - RIBA Work Stage 1>6

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