Join us for a one-night exhibition hat our Digbeth studio for our Building Brum event.

Unbuilt Brum will be an exploration of the city’s unbuilt history that highlights lost projects that form a potential alternative to the built environment we inhabit today, and which celebrates the creativity of the city’s architectural and engineering designers.

As a collaborative exhibition, the evening will feature a talk from guest speak Mike Dring of Birmingham Modernist Society and Birmingham and Five Counties Architectural Association, who will also be providing content for the exhibition. Additionally, an open call for submissions, will provide a platform for Birmingham practices and practitioners to exhibit their unbuilt projects.

There are no limitations on the type, scale or budget of the project; the only two conditions being that it must have once been a live commission that now has no prospect of future construction, and you must be satisfied that you or your company own the copyright to have the images displayed for the evening. All submissions should be sent to and should contain the following:

– Confirmation of copyright ownership.

– Company or individual name.

– Project name.

– Project year.

– A selection of project images.

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